FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to a long-standing experience in the maritime transportation sector, we are able to offer you both a well-advanced website and expert operators ready to help and offer advice.

According to your needs, you can choose among two methods of booking: If you have already decided your departure and arrival port, you can start your booking filling in the orange frame on our homepage; follow the instructions given by the website to complete the booking. The second way to book is by directly clicking on the Company line logo of your choice at the end of the page. Once the booking is completed you will be immediately sent a transportation document which you will use to collect your tickets at the port.

By credit card. You will be asked to provide the following details: type of credit card (Visa, Visa Electron/PostPay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club), name and surname of the owner of the credit card, credit card number, month and year of expiry, security code. The payment will occur directly on the bank website, in order to guarantee the security of the process (encrypted protocol).

Credit card companies, in order to guarantee the safety of internet transactions, use specific security codes in order to make sure the transaction is carried out by the actual owner of the card to avoid any type of fraud. On Mastercard, Visa and Diners cards the security code (made up by 3 figures) can be found on the back side of the card next to the signature space. Please see the image here below as reference: On American Express Cards the security code is on the front side of the card (made up by 4 figures).

You can call our international call center (+39 010 5731800) and book your tickets via phone in just a few minutes. In this case, it is possible to pay through a bank transfer, as long as the bank transfer occurs at least 3 days before the date of departure.

First of all, carefully check the details on the tickets and verify they are correct. The documents received must be kept and shown on the embarkation date with a valid ID, necessary to enter your country of destination.

In case of ticket lost, you can contact our international call center (+39 010 5731800) and the operator will resend you the ticket (a fee will be applied for this service).

If you want to cancel or edit your booking, you will have to send a written request to traghetti@traghettionline.net. No other form of request will be accepted. A Traghettionline operator will validate the cancellation or editing of your ticket and will impose all penalty fees prescribed by Navigation Lines (fixed fee: €10 for each operation).

All passengers must go to the embarkation office of the Navigation Line of choices at least 2 hours before departure and at least 3 hours before if a vehicle will have to be embarked as part of the onboard camping option (open deck). Pedestrians must be ready for embarkation 1 hour before departure.

Every navigation line has its own rules when it comes to animal transportation. Generally, pets can be embarked only if they have a ticket, they must wear a muzzle and be kept on leash. Some navigation lines make some cabins available for pets; generally pets are not allowed in the armchair seats area and in the common room but only on external decks or, when possible, in the dedicated hospices (according to the availability). Please kindly remember that when abroad, local authorities might ask you some documents, such as the European Passport, certificate of good health and a certificate indicating all compulsory vaccinations.

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