Canary Islands

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If you want to visit a special place where you will be amazed by extraordinary natural beauty, the Traghettionline suggests the Canary Islands as your next holiday destination.

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  • Barcellona- Genova
  • Barcellona- Porto Torres
  • Barcellona- Savona
  • Civitavecchia- Barcellona
  • Genova- Barcellona
  • Porto Torres- Barcellona
  • Savona- Barcellona
  • Barcellona- Civitavecchia
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Traghetti per Malta

Canary Islands

The ideal position in the Spanish archipelago on the Atlantic Ocean coast makes this place one of the world's most visited country. Here you can find luxurious resorts, lavish beauty, clean water, and a wonderful climate. What else can you ask for?

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Contact us for the best ferries +39 010 5731800

Contact us for the best ferries :
+39 010 5731800

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