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By using this website, users automatically undertakes to read and comply with the conditions referred to above in full. The goal of the user must be the legitimate book a ticket for himself or other people who legally authorized him. The undue use of the services offered by the website, i.e. false, fraudulent or speculative bookings, shall lead to the limitation of the access to the booking system.

The general conditions and the terms referring to the usage of the website can be varied without notifications to the users. By using this website after the appliance of the changes, users will automatically accept them.


1. The booking is complete once the payment - carried out by credit card or debit card - is received and accepted by Traghettionline (Cemar S.r.l). The user will immediately receive an email containing all booking details or a transportation document to be presented at the port to receive his tickets or any other documents required by the navigation line.

2. Traghettionline (Cemar S.r.l) provides a booking service real-time with most of the navigation lines in the Mediterranean. However, bookings for certain routes are not made directly through the system of the navigation line of choice.

In that case, the user shall comply with the general conditions imposed by the provider of the booking system. Traghettionline (Cemar S.r.l) accepts no responsibilities for the completeness and quality of the information contained on the websites of third parties.

3. Users must check all documents they receive and make sure all details are correct based on what requested during the booking process. In case of inconsistency users must immediately inform Traghettionline (Cemar S.r.l); users are totally responsible for the exactness and truthfulness  of the given details: number of passengers and their age, size and details of vehicle(s), email address, credit card details, phone number, ID details, taxpayer code, pets, etc.

4. The prices on the website are the official prices of Navigation Lines, to which Traghettionline (Cemar S.r.l) will apply a booking fee to cover for the expenses of the booking procedure.

5. Navigation lines can vary their prices, times of departure/arrival any time until the final issuance of the ticket. It is at the discretion of the Navigation line to notify (in exceptional circumstances) these changes after the issuance of the ticket.

6. Passengers must arrive to the embarkation office of the Navigation Line of choice at least two hours before departure and 4 hours before if they need to embark a vehicle as part of the onboard camping option (open deck). In case they don’t, the navigation line can either assign the most suitable seats, without any obligation of refund, or refuse to embark the passengers.


1. Users who want to want to cancel or change their tickets must send a written request filling in the online form available on the user’s private section of the website. No other request will be accepted. Traghettionline (Cemar S.r.l) shall approve the cancellation or change of ticket applying the penalty fee required by the company, as well as a fixed fee of €10 per ticket.

2. Users must send the cancellation or change request within 72 hours from departure (Italian time), bank holidays and weekends excluded. Both the request and the cancellation/change of the ticket can be processed by Traghettionline operators during office hours only (available on the “Contacts” section of the website). If necessary, during closing hours of Traghettionline (Cemar S.r.l), users can directly contact  the navigation line of choice and seek assistance for the cancellation/change of the ticket.

3. For users who do not embark tickets are not refundable.


1. Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) conducts intermediation activities in the sale of ferry tickets of the most important navigation lines. Being a contract between user and vessel, the latter holds the obligation for the transportation of the user and is the sole responsible in case the service is partially or totally unfulfilled.

Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) conducts a function of mere intermediation and it is not to be held responsible in case of non-fulfilment of the transportation contract (art. 22 paragraph 3 of the Brussels Convention 23/04/1970 “The travel intermediary is not to be held responsible for the total or partial non-fulfilment of travels, stays, or other services indicated on the contract”), in case the navigation line of choice changes or cancels departure or arrival times/dates, uses different vessels or suspends specific services onboard.

2. Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) is not to be held responsible for any interruptions or changes of navigation due to bad weather conditions or the prolonged stay – extending beyond the duration originally scheduled – of the vessel in port or at sea.

3. Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) is not responsible for the potential impossibility to access or use the website, for interruptions or technical malfunctions of the booking systems or software, as well as for any unsuccessful transactions.

4. Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) – despite applying all security systems available – does not guarantee the website will not be affected by the errors of third parties. Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) is not to be held responsible in case these or other elements cause data loss or damage.

5. Users must be informed and gather all necessary (valid) documents, to enter their country of destination.

6. Users accept financial responsibility for all transactions carried out on their behalf and guarantee that all information given about themselves and other passengers is true.

7. When purchasing a ticket, the user automatically accepts all general conditions  of sale and transportation applied by both Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) and the navigation line of choice.

8. In case of transportation of pets, users shall enquire about the documents and carry out all veterinary examinations necessary for the transportation and disembarkation of the animal in the country of destination. 


Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) does not guarantee that the information contained on the website shall be constantly updated or error-free; however, Traghettionline (Cemar Srl) will use all resources and means available to carry out all necessary implementations as soon as possible.


1. The website and its content (layout and texts included) cannot in any way be copied, duplicated, published, downloaded, transmitted and distributed without the consent of Traghettionline (Cemar Srl).


2. Users automatically accept not to transmit or transfer any of the web pages, data or contents found on this website to other computers, server, websites or other mass media. They will also automatically accept not to use any type of mechanism, software or device that might interfere with the correct functioning of the website.

Traghettionline di Cemar S.r.l.

Via Brigata Liguria, 4

16121 Genova (Italy)



Ph. 199.303005 – 199.124616(Adv)

Fax ++39 010587505

P.IVA : 03413280102




Description of the processing

Users statistics and potential users. Here below is all the information referring to the usage of the personal details of users, the company and potential users in contact with the company.

Type of data subject to this processing: personal data.

Duration of the processing

The duration is compliant with the current fiscal norms and for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.

Purposes of data processing

Handling the relationship with users and potential users, handling of taxation and company accounting, carrying out activities compulsory to the fulfillment of the contract (purchase of services) stipulated between the client and the company.

Comparing methods of the abovementioned data

Data belonging to the abovementioned process will be compared among each other and to other data belonging to other processes with the use of electronic or automated means designed to carry out the already-mentioned activity.

Holder of the abovementioned data

Cemar Srl

Via Ippolito d’Aste 3/1

16121 Genova (Ge)

Rights of the concerned parties:

1. The concerned person has the right to receive confirmation of the existence of her / his personal data, even if not yet registered, and the communication of the existing data in an intelligible form.

2. The concerned person has the right to receive information on:

a) source of personal data;
b) purposes and methods of data processing;
c) logics applied in case of data processing by electronic means;
d) identity of the holder, responsible and other appointed personnel under article 5, paragraph 2;
e) subjects or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the State, managers or agents.

3. The concerned person has the right to:
a) updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data;
b) cancellation, modification in any anonymous form or blocking of the unlawfully processed data, including data that are not necessary for the purposes upon which they were collected or subsequently processed;
c) confirmation that the operations in letters a) and b) have been notified, also regarding their content, to the persons to whom the data were communicated, unless this requirement is impossible or involves the use of means that are clearly disproportionate to the protected right.

4. The person concerned has the right to object, in whole or in part:
a) for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data, even in case the processing is pertinent to the purposes of the data collection;
b) to the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct sales or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

Optional or compulsory data.

The requested data can be:

Communication and distribution of data.

Abovementioned data will be communicated: yes, to the navigation line that provides the service.

Abovementioned data will be distributed: no.

Subjects and categories who might have access the data subject to the processing.

The companies who might have access to the data subject to the processing are:




How to contact us

You can contact Traghettionline Staff at +39 010 5731800 at the following time:

Monday/Friday: 09:00-13:00

Contact Traghetti Online

Via Brigata Liguria, 4 – 16121 Genova (Italy)

Email: traghetti@traghettionline.net


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