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Round Trip Offer by Moby Tirrenia

Round Trip Offer by Moby Tirrenia

Take a round-trip offer by MOBY and TIRRENIA and save on the whole trip! Discover the new promotion for trips to Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily. By purchasing a return ticket you get up to 20% discount on one or both routes .And, if there is already a promotion on the rate, you can collect the discount!   DESCRIPTION OF THE OFFER The discount is only applicable for round-trip tickets. The discount will be applied to the rate of passengers and/or cars net of taxes and fees (the discount, if available, can also be applied to passengers without a car). The discount is available only on one of the two routes. The discount will not be applied to cabins and seats. The discount will be recognized only on the purchase of MOBY or TIRRENIA tickets, even on combined connections between the two companies. The offer can be used on departures to and from Sardinia - Corsica - Sicily The discount will be applied exclusively to obtain a reduction on a new ticket, not on a modification. The discount will be applied until the availability of seats reserved for the initiative is exhausted, on the dates on which it is scheduled. The discount will be applied to cars of category 1-2-3 up to 2.20 m in height. The offer is not retroactive. The discount can be combined with all the MOBY or TIRRENIA special offers, but not with other tickets or vouchers issued for other initiatives or with offers proposed by other operators. The discount will not be applied to taxes, fees, insurance, meals, other supplements, and group rates. The discount can only be used on nominative tickets. If the trip is canceled, the discount automatically expires and the rate available at the time of the change will be recalculated for the remaining route. The modification and cancellation penalties will vary according to the fare applied to the ticket, as per general conditions of carriage. If the assistance staff at the ports should detect anomalies in the reservation, compared to what is present at the boarding, the discounted ticket will be cancelled and a new full-fare ticket must be purchased.   This is a limited offer. Make your reservation now! +39 010 5731800

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