Ferries from Livorno to Golfo Aranci

Located at the base of the promontory of Capo Figari, Golfo Aranci overlooks the Gulf of Olbia; this position allowed it to be the main freight port in the area since the beginning of the 20th century until 1961 when the National Railways introduced a ferry service for the transportation of cars and passengers, a service that used to be offered exclusively by the port of Olbia. Since then, Golfo Aranci, Gallura’s second access to the sea, started developing its touristic side thanks to its natural beauties and closeness to the glamorous Costa Smeralda. The current name Golfo Aranci, originally called Figari for the abundance of figs, comes from the name of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cove of Sassari, “Sos Aranzos”, which also excludes the derivation from “gulfu de li ranci” (gulf of the crabs) erroneously reported on old charts. Legend also says the name comes from the wreckage of a ship loaded with oranges. From Golfo Aranci to Olbia the coast is low and regular, with its typical coves and white-sanded beaches (most of them with facilities); there are at least 24 of them in the area, different in size, easily accessible and – some of them – central.

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