Hydrofoil Boat, known as flying boats!

What are Hydrofoil Boats?

Hydrofoil boats are regular boats with one slight yet great difference: hydrofoil installments to help them propelling with higher speed capacity on the water.  This is one of the most interesting attractions in the shipping industry for the moment, although its design is not an innovation.

Hydrofoil boats have been designed in 1908 for the first time by A. G. Bell and Casey Baldwin. They are also known as flying boats and have been developed vastly since the past century. American marine troops used these types of boats to avoid mine-trapped waters during World War II.

Of course, today, modern designs with expensive, fancy accessories are increasingly available in the market. Since their speed in water is much faster than that of normal ships makes the boats supported by dynamic hydrofoils very trending.

How do hydrofoil boats work?


If you ever heard about airfoils, or know what aircraft wings are, you will probably have a better idea of what hydrofoils are. Practically, they work in the same way. The only difference is that they lift the boat from the water surface.

The hydrofoils are attached at the hull, which is the b body of the boat, and in this case, it does not come into contact with the water. Since they are based in the base of the boat, it enables the boat to move more easily in the water and at a higher speed. The chance for the boat to rise out of the water and overturn is minimal thanks to the support that the hydrofoil offers because it only works if the boat is on the water surface.

These boats are usually used to avoid the impact of sea waves, thanks to their flexibility. They are more efficient, can be used on higher speeds, and offer great comfort both for the crew and passengers.

Besides efficiency, hydrofoil boats offer a relaxing ride. Since they’re lifted from the surface of the water, the disturbance of waves is reduced and they offer better stability in various situations.

What’s Trending?

If you want to have a hydro foiling experience for yourself, there are a few things you can try that are extremely trending in recent years.

Hydrofoil Kiteboards

Riding kiteboards is great fun. Can you imagine if they have hydrofoils? That would be a totally another level of fun. Remember, riding hydrofoil kiteboards requires lots of practice and skills.

Hydrofoil Waterskiing

Skiing in the air? That’s right! Hydrofoil waterskies will lift you up and you’ll be flying at high speed. Make sure to wear your safety helmet!

Hydrofoil Windsurfers

If you want to experience a smooth ride in strong winds, we would absolutely suggest you hydrofoil windsurfing. A piece of advice: Do not go for it if experience lacks! Fun is not the only thing you should think of.


Hydrofoil boats are safe, offer great compactness, efficient, and fun. If you can’t own one, make sure to treat yourself with a ride and experience a new dimension of excitement!

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