Ferries From Ancona to Spalato

Spalato is the biggest and most important city in Dalmatia. The core of the old town gathers around the port, while all commercial activities gather in the Northern part of the city. The main attractions of the city are the Diocletian’s Palace (part of the UNESCO World Heritage) and the Cathedral with its famous bell tower; other attractions worth seeing are the Roman ruins in Salona and the beautiful views right outside the city.

Located in the hottest area of the northern coast of the Mediterranean, right at the heart of the Dalmatian coast, this city –  important from a touristic, economic and athletic point of view (it is the home of athletes such as Goran Ivanisevi, Branka Vlasi, Toni Kuko) –  keeps his “green soul” on Mount Marjan (right outside the city centre), where it is possible to find refuge from the stressful city crowd and  pleasantly stroll in the park-woods.

Its rich selection of tourist attractions combined with a unique cultural heritage and a great number of events make Spalato fascinating and the ideal holiday destination for any season.

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