Ferries from Ancona to Durazzo

On our site Traghettionline you can find the best offers for the ride Ancona Durazzo, one of the newest seaside destination, with a simple research. Choose the most convenient departure time comparing the proposals from the best companies in nautical transportation. During the ride, that lasts approximately 20 hours, guests can enjoy many activities, for relaxing or having fun: restaurant, café and a space dedicated to children. Reach this jewel of Mediterranean from 60 € per ticket.

Durazzo is the second most important city in Albania after the capital Tirana. Located on an island, Durazzo’s origins date back to the 7th century B.C., as a Greek colony. Throughout time, the city was subject to many dominations that inexorably left the trace of their passage. For example, during the Roman empire, Durazzo became a very important commercial centre, and this can be understood also by the presence of thermal baths and the biggest amphitheatre in Albania, built in the 1st century B.C.

Another important symbol of Durazzo is the stronghold, located on the hill of the old city, from where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of the port and the surrounding beaches.

The white-sanded beaches surrounding the city, touched by a crystal-clear sea, have become a very popular destination for tourists and locals.

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